The Team at Keyobi

Our Mission is to improve the way employers and talent connect.

At Keyobi, we believe that the job application process is outdated. What were once paper classifieds, have just shifted into a web format, without taking advantage of new technologies. Keyobi was built to change that, and reshape the way to hire.

Eric Rafat

Founder & CEO

Background in Human Resources and Recruiting. Striving for world-class excellence. Looking to make an impact in the world.

Cheng Peng

Cofounder & CTO

Interest in many areas of software developement has given him exposure to stack development, design patterns, and different languages.

Taylor Emmerson


Designer and Front End Developer. Some of his favourite tools include Sketch and Sublime Text. Making your experience beautiful.

Ashish Tamang

Web Developer

UWaterloo student. Always aspiring to learn and improve. Strives to revolutionize the technology industry. Piano enthusiast, amateur guitarist.

Michelle Monteiro

Marketing Coordinator

U of T graduate in English, Book & Media Studies, and Writing & Rhetoric. Currently a Post Graduate student at Sheridan College for Marketing Management. Loves all things marketing, writing stories, and hiking in new places.